Google not supporting Opera anymore?

Posted on:August 19 2009

A company's website telling you that it doesn't work with a specific browser version - in most cases with the browser you are currently using - usually is a good sign that this company either has no clue about the web or that it needs a new web developer. Since today, I'm getting the following message from google adwords:
sorry, the new AdWords interface does not work with Opera. We recommend using Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, or Chrome to manage your AdWords campaigns. Learn more.
WTF!? I'm not exactly sure, but isn't Google a web company? THE web company? And I'm even paying them for that service, it's not that it is free. There is really no excuse to make this f*cking web interface not working with Opera anymore. Opera usually supports the same or in most cases even more features than most other browsers.

Google, you really can't be serious here. [Yep, I'm a bit angry now. Asked the adwords team for a statement already, but didn't get a response until now]


I think it was during a presentation on Google campus when they tried to show the web-capabilities of Haiku and a google-guy told them: "Sorry, but we do not have internet-access in this conference-room". So much about THE internet company *gg*
2009-08-19 16:39:00

The problem is, that Opera is hardly used. Its percentage is constantly below 1%. But even though this is the case, Opera generously allows itself to have little quirks and specialities, like IE, Firefox and Chrome. You have to stop SOMEWHERE, even when you're as big as Google. Always handling the little specialities of said three browsers is tedious and expensive enough as it is.
2009-08-19 16:57:00

In my opinion, Opera is not in the position to allow itself to have little specialities in handling HTML, CSS and JS. If it would behave exactly like Firefox or IE, there would be no problem.
2009-08-19 16:58:00

The problem is that ALL google websites work perfectly with opera. Even adsense, but they seemed to have topped supporting it today, without any warning.
2009-08-19 17:16:00

"The problem is, that Opera is hardly used. Its percentage is constantly below 1%"

As for Opera having quirks... In general, it's the other browsers which have quirks while Opera follows the specificiations. Is it perfect? No. But making itself behave like either Firefox or IE would be a step backwards standards wise.
2009-08-19 17:24:00

Perhaps it's product placement: Chrome as the only browser beneath IE and Firefox...
2009-08-19 17:35:00

Thats sad but the truth. For quite a while the personalized google start page tells me that the chat isn't supported for my browser. However its works in Gmail and is supported there?

Well I hope that you can at least ignore the warning. Even if it's not supported officially it still works fine.
2009-08-19 20:14:00

“The problem is, that Opera is hardly used. Its percentage is constantly below 1%”

1% of _ALL_ internet users. That's still like 10 million users. And opera users are usually power users[citation needed ;)].
2009-08-19 22:50:00

"1% of ALL internet users. That’s still like 10 million users."

Yes, but if you still have 99% of all internet users, thats like 990 million users. A company has to calculate if pandering to that last chuck of people is really worth the cost.

Not saying that it isn't. I'm just saying how large companies tend to think.
2009-08-20 00:19:00

Aw hell, I hate this post eating blog software.
2009-08-20 00:19:00

I agree with Niko on this one. Anyone who has developed websites has probably noticed that it's not very difficult to make your website work on Opera. When I make a website I always start with making it work in Firefox, when it works in Firefox I work on the compatibility issues with other browsers. Making it work with IE (especially IE6) can be hell, while making it work with Opera barely takes any work at all. For a company that specializes in web solutions, Google really should have this working. If they don't have their paid services ALL working, it's absolute bullshit.
2009-08-20 00:56:00

Opera has always been a leader in power user features. Tab browsing (not the first but still), tab sessions (I can't believe Firefox hasn't copied this), mouse gestures, overall speed.

A bit lacky on JS support. But still, my preferred browser when I'm in power-browsing mode.
2009-08-20 02:37:00

This is probably Google trying to kill off Opera. It can't be THAT hard to support Opera, especially when you spend half your time whitting it away building Chrome, Android, and Chrome OS.

If only Google will only do stuff that people have a need for right now, instead of trying to capture other people's market and diversify to hell and back.
2009-08-20 13:38:00

On the bright side, barely any websites support Google Chrome :P
2009-08-22 08:07:00

Probably Google is trying to take down one browser at a time, to reach the top with Chrome. For now Opera is down. ;)
2009-09-07 13:42:00

hmm, seems to me that google wants to get rid of free webmail. sounds like they really run out of cash? :-D
that's ok, we'll gonna move back to yahoo / hotmail...
2009-09-16 17:31:00

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