Mass Effect

Posted on:August 14 2009

Some time ago, I bought the rpg Mass Effect. Played through the first few levels and really liked the environment rendered by the Unreal Engine 3, especially the dialog scenes with the nice character models, the lightning and the tracking shots (wondering if the movement of the characters and cameras during the dialogs were scripted or generated on the fly, btw).

The game felt quite boring in the beginning, and unfortunately, still after playing 3 or 4 hours, it kept being boring. I thought I'm simply getting old, having played through dozens of RPGs already. But googling for "Mass Effect Boring" reveiled that I'm not the only one with this feeling.

Now, the DVD is lying next to my screen for several months already, and I didn't feel motivated to put it into the DVD drive again, until now. I hope this is really the fault of that game, and I'm not getting too old to enjoy playing computer games. :)


That's the trouble with bio ware, people always tend to think that it needs that over-healthy taste just because it's bio. ;-)
2009-08-14 13:27:00

Hey, i know that feeling! the fear of becoming bored with gaming because of getting older :)
Scary huh.
2009-08-14 17:55:00

Try googling for "Mass Effect exciting" - you will definitely find the relevant info ;).

Just kidding. Never played Mass Effect. All I am just trying to say is you will always find what you want to see/hear although in this case, you are probably right.
2009-08-14 19:07:00

Well I enjoyed Mass Effect. But the explorable planets are quite boring. But that didn't bothered my, because I basically only played the through the main story-path.

Well, don't worry and give away Mass Effect to someone else. I hope you'll enjoy your next game.
2009-08-14 19:43:00

Yeah, the side-quests / explorable planets were quite boring & repetitive.
And, by the end, the fights were also a bit repetitive.
But until the last planet, it was quite fun. and the story was good.
2009-08-14 21:25:00

Reason for this is not your getting old butyour taste. You already have declared u like Oblivion and Gothic 2 ,3 very much. Compared to them mass effect is very different(even different from neverwinter nights) as it generally forces too muuch linearity as opposed to amazing freeform play of Oblivion. Then again there are people who like mass effect like focussed movie story like play, and others who like Gothic\Oblivion like freeform play your own story type play. U alsoo like Fallout 3 which is agin freeform. But the biggest freeform is Oblivion, totally free roaming.
2009-08-15 07:20:00

I really enjoyed this game, the only thing I didn't like was the DRM! I borrowed it from a friend who'd finished playing it, and we didn't realise that I'd used his last install (he'd already installed it on his desktop and laptop). It doesn't give you the install back upon removal so I felt I had to pay him half the price of the game.

I thought the universe was standard but fun scifi, the graphics were great, gameplay was boring in some parts but the fun parts made up for it. Although quite linear, the role playing element was quite good and I loved the skills system. The plot is what makes me want to play the next two, I'm hooked. My dilemma is whether to either buy a copy of Windows to run it on, or help fix it in Wine!
2009-08-16 13:54:00

I've the same "problem" but i think that it's the age.When i was younger i could play RPG like breath of fire series or Final Fantasy series without time problems, but then, when you grow and start to work and with a lot of thing to do, play the same games is an utopistic idea.Actually i play lightweight games for the handled consoles and for the iphone and my videogame experience is radicaly changed.I'm a developer that in the spare time develop some games(and another platform) with irrlict and if i've to think to a new game idea,i set an important point to a short but enjoyable experience.
2009-09-05 10:39:00

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