Banner Test II

Posted on:July 31 2009

Thanks for all the feedback I received about the first Banner I created. I am not an artist and my banner creation skills really suck. Additionally, it's not easy to sqeeze all the information you want people to know about into just a few words and into only 50 KB. The following is my second attempt:

Everything done with Gimp and CopperCube of course (although wireframe rendering is hidden in the release version currently). I think it's now easier to see at first sight that it has to do something with realtime 3D, also I like the colors better now. But I'm not sure if anybody ever would try to read the tiny font in there. :)


The font is small, but the banner catches my eye so I'm drawn in to read the text.
2009-08-01 03:27:00

This one is far better both aesthetically and functionaly. You are improving a lot with practice.
2009-08-02 17:50:00

I found the first one ok as well.
Only problem I see is the animation of the text, it's a little bit too fast. First time I read it the last part was vanished again before I had read it.
While the animation is a little bit of an eye catcher it should not hinder the flow of information. You could make the text visible all the time and highlight it with some animation or something.
2009-08-04 11:39:00

great, really a decisive improvement!
2009-08-05 10:26:00

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