High quality 3D rendering in Flash

Posted on:July 20 2009

Doing realtime 3D graphics using Flash is not that easy. Although there is a 'hardware accelerating' option in the Flash Player, rendering 3D graphics still is as slow as with a software rasterizer and you are limited to just a few hundred or at most a few thousands of polygons in your scene. 3D engines for Flash such as CopperCube are using several tricks to speed up rendering speed, like reducing the rendering quality when the camera is moving, or even reducing the rendering quality in general a bit.
This has proven to work quite well in most cases, but if you have a very simple scene and need pixel perfect graphics, like for example in 3D panoramas as offered in CopperCube, this can be a bit contra productive. So now I implemented a new feature in CopperCube which disables the reduction of rendering quality:

To see what it does, take a look at the following picture. It's a bit subtle, but in the red circle, you'll notice that there is a wobbling effect which is a bit disturbing especially during movement. The right picture shows how Coppercube renders the scene when the 'high precision rendering' flag is turned on:

This feature will be included in the upcoming full version of CopperCube which should be released this week.


I think in the future it'll be better to use JavaScript for rendering. Browsers continously improve their Java rendering speed and also it's an open standart.

But still I am amazed how far you came with CopperCube. Keep goin!
2009-07-20 17:24:00

Also thought about that. Once the rendering speed in JavaScript is slightly better (currently it's really slow), I think I'm going to write a prototype with it. It's pretty easy to add new targets to coppercube.
2009-07-20 17:54:00

If Javascript is upto acceptable performance it is definetly better choice. Though it is not so great on language features. I never found multi dimensional arrays in it.
2009-07-20 18:43:00

Have you looked at HaXe? It can compile to both Flash and JS targets.
2009-07-28 03:11:00

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