Nice one, Sony-Ericsson

Posted on:July 14 2009

I destroyed my cellular phone in Iceland (rest in pieces...) and just bought a new one. The model I now use highlights dates in SMSs (like for example: 7.14.2009) as hyperlink and clicking on them makes it try to open them in the web-browser. Seems like it treats them as IP adresses. I think there is a software developer in that cellular phone company which needs some regex teaching.. :)


Welcome back ;)

Well that seems strange. My Sony-Ericsson (C902) doesn't do that. When I click on a date it asks me if I want to call it (harhar) save it, copy it, and so on. But not a single word about internet.
2009-07-14 19:00:00

both my Sony Ericssons (K800 and K850) had a tendency to want to try placing telephone calls to any random number in something, so i hear you
2009-07-15 22:30:00

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