CopperCube Beta 2 Released

Posted on:May 25 2009

The second beta version of CopperCube is now available, and I implemented a lot of the feedback I received already. The whole 3D user interface has been reworked (now irrEdit style controls), and I added 3d sounds, paths (for camera flights and moving objects), verical billboards and other interesting things, together with some bug fixes and 3d engine speed enhancements. Also, some of the examples have been updated. Here is the one with the building again:

I know, it's still ugly, and I think I'll invest some time to make most of the examples a bit better soon. :)
You can download CopperCube here.


You are really making some progress there. Good work!
I don't know if it's just me but it feels smoother than the last demo :)

I doubt that there is much more room for improving the performance. Really nice work.
2009-05-25 21:15:00

Nice flying stairs...
2009-05-25 21:54:00

It is not ugly at all, on the contrary it is quite good. You really should not think that what you do is subpar. Even if not the greatest it definetly is very good. This demo is a Large improvement from previous one as regards to beauty. Think about beauty not ugly.
2009-05-26 17:40:00

Guys the quality of the assets used doesn't say anything about the quality of the technology behind it. The Irrlicht Demo looks like crap, too but the engine itself is great.
2009-05-26 19:54:00

There is a demo level in Unreal Engine 2 runtime and it also looks like Crap. Irrlicht Demo just needs another better map available with aerial view.
Really good demo obviously need charaters in them alongside high quality level. A playable(or walkable) demo level certainly score high, but a movie like level can be better called a demo. Like the one seen in between crysis warhead. with some good direction and characterization.
2009-05-29 09:57:00

Hey Niko, I just heard about a 3D graphics engine written for Silverlight. Have you seen it?
2009-05-31 16:48:00

Niko, i really like the GUI and the enormous progress you are making
2009-06-02 09:04:00

thanks all :)
about 3d for silverlight: Nice, maybe I'll support silverlight later as well, lets see.
2009-06-02 16:28:00

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