Duke Nukem Forever looked great

Posted on:May 11 2009

Now that 3D Realms is no more, it looks like we will never see Duke Nukem Forever, now really the biggest vaporware of all times. And I personally can't remember having seen any actual game play footage. But this changed with this video:

Too bad we probably won't see this game anytime soon. I guess it would be quite fun, even just because of Duke Nukem's voice. :)


Come get some!!1!
2009-05-11 18:57:00

Can anybody tell me the real reason why this game has so many years being developed??
The Onslaught
2009-05-11 20:05:00

The developers were morons, thats the reason. Switching engines many times in the middle of developing, never being satisfied with their own product, never knowing where they wanted to go.

While I am sad that DNF will now never see the light, I am not sad that 3drealms is closed. I cannot stand such terrible levels of unprofessionalism.
2009-05-12 09:05:00

So you call Electronic Arts professional? No more creativity. Only overpriced shit. You know what? Fuck professionalism! Most games today suck anyway. Its really sad that 3D Realms is dead.
2009-05-12 09:19:00

Time for big software house is gone ... the time for indies is arrived!! :-)
2009-05-12 10:49:00

They should have released the game they showed in a trailer years ago. If there so non-mainstream why do they care about state-of-the-art graphics?

They surely can blame noone but themselves for this. Lets just hope someone goes on with this project or they at least release the source.
2009-05-12 12:34:00

This link was on a discussion thread about the now defunct 3d realms. Dunno how valid it is but was interesting none the less.

2009-05-12 16:21:00

@Blah: Surely you can quote the part where I said that Electronic Arts would be professional?

They are just on the other end of the spectrum, but both ends are bad.
2009-05-12 17:08:00

the game seems to be "playable enough". Just dump more levels and it's ready to go.
2009-05-16 11:17:00

I think it was switching of engines and lack of money - last time I read on their website their boss was saying that they were funding DNF from their pocket. Even if they had really hold to Quake Engine they would atleast had completed the game with ETQW graphics now or may be RAGE graphics in 2years. If they had gone on strictly with licensed Unreal engine they would have got a game with UT3 graphics running now - still demo looks somewhat like Gears, still nice though. But they really did all changed from Quake Engine to Unreal Engine, then tried to upgrade it themselves - Really if you are licensing high end tech why are you upgrading it, leave the upgrading to Epic and focus on making the game. And if you are realy upgrading for Visuals let Epic do it much better then you and faster also. Then again it would not have surprised me if they had licensed CRY ENGINE 3 now for DNF - really.
I really believed that they were going to complete it, even in 20 years, and release it. I had sympathy cuz they said that they were funding themselves, eh Indie.
Whatever the reason for all this, I am sad and I hope they release source code to Open Source Community. They will really complete the game far sooner then 3DR expect.
I am really amazed at the huge amount of projects started on Quake 2 and Quake 3 source code.

@whois, if the game would have been already playable enough, I think they would have really dumped more levels and released it, unless they were trying to make it a paragon in gaming. Though then there would not have been much variety in levels similar to Gears.
But really if compared with infinity ward who release good games every 2 years, COD2, 4MW series, then really they look unprofessional or damn unlucky.
2009-05-17 12:16:00

And if they were really doing so much work on engine themselves, they should have really started from scratch on their own Engine, then they would not atleast change it. From what I gather they wer really talented people and their work culture was one of the best. All their previous employees are really happy working there.
2009-05-17 12:21:00

I've played all releases of Duke Nukem and I would miss it.
HOwever I am confident it will be picked up by another publisher and released as a full working game.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R had the same problem until it finally came out years later, after switching four publishers.

2009-05-23 14:41:00

May that happen to DNF also. It is looking a very good game.
2009-05-25 10:20:00

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