How to create a multiplayer 3D game (Raknet and Irrlicht)

Posted on:April 27 2009

Kevin Jenkis, author of the network engine RakNet created a demo which shows how to use Irrlicht and Raknet together to create a multiplayer 3D game.
You can download the demo here.
Basically, it's the original Irrlicht TechDemo with a multiplayer part added to it. You can run two instances if you want to connect to yourself. The sources can be downloaded from the sourceforge subversion server.


I'll have to take a look into this as soon as I find some time to do so. But I guess there is no ODE support in? That would be nice, but maybe I can do it ... later ;)
2009-04-28 07:19:00

Well, maybe some tech heads should start to gather and take it to the next level as stated here: (7 middleware, 7 heads, Hydra engine?)

I like that RakNet's author has had only praise for Irrlicht since I remember.
2009-04-30 17:08:00

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