Google Adsense in Euros

Posted on:March 04 2009

Google just made it possible to convert adsense earnings in euros on a daily basis. That's a feature I've been waiting for about two years now. But unfortunately, this only works if you are in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, or Spain. I'm here in Austria. Hello!? We in Austria have the Euro as well!

Additionally, I don't get it why on earth google is doing the dollar conversion at all. It's totally unnessesary. And don't tell me this is because google is a U.S. company: If it's google who is getting the money, it seems to be easily possible for them to use Euros instead: Google adwords accounts in Europe all work in euros.
But let's see, maybe they'll improve this as well soon. Maybe they won't. They don't have to. They have the monopoly anyway.


BTW, now you mention google, i see you are serving the same content on and Google hates that...
2009-03-04 22:13:00

But... is Austria in Europe????? i though that Europe was a country...

2009-03-05 10:00:00

guenhwyvar: Interesting. Where did you get that information?
2009-03-05 12:31:00

i know this from our IT people, but you can see here f.i.:
2009-03-06 10:21:00

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