Posted on:February 20 2009

I just tried out Ceville, a point and click adventure game. It's cool that these games are not dead yet. Ceville uses realtime 3D graphics (interestingly, rendered by MOgre, a C++/CLI wrapper for the Ogre engine) and - as expected for an adventure - there are a lot of amusing spoken texts (played back by the irrKlang audio library, btw ;) )

I personally like the game - ironic texts, item combination riddles, cool animations, odd characters - everything you'd expect from this kind of game. If you want to try it, it seems like there is currently only the german demo available: From Fileplanet or Gamestar.de, but at least there's an english Ceville trailer on youtube.


This game is just so nice. Atleast I can understand it somewhat with my low german knowledge. Glad I started learning the language. The funny thing though is I feel that I know English so little sometimes though, when I come across some arcane words.
2009-02-21 14:28:00

i personally like games and the texture and model i like more
2009-03-03 13:02:00

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