Surveillence is 'In'

Posted on:January 30 2009

Today we added a new feature to Bienen und Blumen, our small dating website project: There is now a new page for each account, named 'Statistics'. It lists all logged in users who visted your profile in the last few days.

A huge amount of users demanded this feature, so we built it in. I guess surveillence is only bad if you are the one who gets monitored. :) But ok, on Bienen und Blumen, everyone can only see visitors of his own profile, and then only if he activated this feature manually, and additionally only then if the visitor also has the 'people may watch me' feature turned on in his settings. I think that's quite ok in this way.


That is a great, useful and awesome feature, thanks.
2009-02-01 17:11:00

Though this not a intentionaly international site still I like it so much. It has many nice people too. I think I am going to meet someone right for me here.
2009-02-02 10:06:00

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