Will they never learn?

Posted on:December 04 2008

20 easy steps to starting GTA IV on your PC. Great.
But I think there is another faster, 2-step way: 1) Download cracked version. 2) Play.


No, they won't. Seems like someone is missing a piece in their head. Why screw paying customers that would anyway buy your game? the ones pirating it, would pirate it anyways...
2008-12-04 17:31:00

Wow, that is rediculous. I guess I will hole off on getting GTA IV until I get my 360 next year or so...
2008-12-05 03:53:00

**I meant to say "hold off" oops.
2008-12-05 03:54:00

Immediately fails 9 out of 10 of the [url=http://www.edge-online.com/blogs/the-gamers-bill-rights]Games Bill of Rights[/url].

This is so sad; I've bought every GTA game, and was poised and ready to pay for this one as well. No way, no how.
2008-12-09 13:32:00

Rockstar is working on a patch right now to fix a lot of the issues with GTA IV. I agree, though, that it's ridiculous that you have to sign up for two different services and be running them just to play, and be able to save, your game. I know there's already a crack available that disables the requirement for Windows Live to be logged in to save, and there's a somewhat tedious work-around so that you can skip out on logging into the Social club. You shouldn't have to go through this much just to play a game, no matter how much depth and interactivity there is.

However, this is an excellent game overall, and I don't think that the 15-20 minutes of prep before you play it should prevent you from playing it. I don't think you should let the technical issues get in the way either (there are fixes for almost all of them). You should, however, be very vocal (as Niko is on his blog) about the fact that you are not pleased with what they have done with the PC version.

Pirating the game, or not playing it, likely won't prevent or dissuade companies from continuing to employ technologies like Windows Live or Rockstar's "Social Club", as they are still efficient, albeit sly, methods of locking a customer into their products. Being vocal about your, and the FOSS community's, opinion on the matter and matters like it, will be efficient. Think about the way that the Anti-DRM community dealt with Spore? That was incredibly effective. I'm glad that the online journalism and blogging community is this vocal over issues like GTA IV's lock-ins. Hopefully Rockstar will realise these issues and avoid them in the future.
2008-12-09 18:31:00

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