Irrlicht 1.5 beta released

Posted on:December 01 2008

Hybrid compiled and published a beta SDK of Irrlicht 1.5 yesterday, so if you have time, download and test it out. And report bugs if you find some, of course :)
Irrlicht 1.5 will contain tons of new features, and I will summarize them when 1.5 will be out (will not take that long, I guess).


The link is broken?
2008-12-01 17:27:00

Thanks, now it works.
2008-12-01 17:47:00

cool I have been out of touch with irrlicht but i guess its time i tried to get back to it. I miss the irrlicht.NET version. :p Should I also assume irrEdit 1.5 will also come out with irrlicht 1.5?. PLEASE allow the cloning/copy of empty nodes in irrEdit 1.5 (I always ask for this feature. Since all other nodes can be cloned it should be really easy to do). I usually create an empty node which i then add all the things/nodes i need in a scene. Sometimes i need to clone them which i do manually in the irr file.
2008-12-05 18:35:00

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