Night of the Cephalopods

Posted on:November 27 2008

Interesting game idea: Game story telling in another way.
via ak's soup


I don't see the big deal behind it, other than I am forced to turn of the sound.
2008-11-28 16:04:00

The sound may not be entirely desirable, but as a game designer, it awakens you to the story of the player, while other games are unwilling to acknowledge anything other than the story of the designer.

It isn't meant to be something that every game has, it is meant as food for thought for developers, who, in seeing this video, can comprehend more clearly the players story.
2008-11-30 00:25:00

Every game I know that allows some kind of choice for the player automatically tells the story of the player (as long as the user possesses some kind of imagination).
I'd rather think that the game telling me what to think / the player character is thinking is even more the "story of the designer".
2008-12-01 10:26:00

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