Things you don't expect - Invincibility

Posted on:November 03 2008

My small RPG Darkness Springs is now running for several months, but last week, something unexpected happened: A user claimed that he wasn't able to die. That he was invincible. Interesting.

Curiously, I took a look at this, and the user was right. When I let a group of monsters attack his character, nothing happened. He simply didn't die. He also wasn't able to use health potions, but he didn't need them anyway. :)
Strange. After some examination, I found the problem: The user had managed to get his character to have 128 points of health. For Darkness Springs, this is quite a lot, actually nobody ever trained his character until this value before. Everything was fine, but when the user closed the game and started it again later, this value turned into -127, and the described symptoms manifested.

Of course, this was a bad server side programming error (typical value overflow, and it's my fault), but hey, 128 points of health? Who could have expected this :)


At least there are people who take your game seriously
The Onslaught
2008-11-03 19:52:00

"At least there are people who take your game seriously" ...Things you don't expect :D
2008-11-03 20:03:00

I'd award him for his honesty. Not everyone would tell the GM, in this case Game-Creator that he's in God-Mode and cheat his way up..
2008-11-03 22:06:00

You really seem to love signed values :-P
2008-11-03 22:52:00

This is right up there together with "64K of memory should be enough for everybody" :D
2008-11-03 22:58:00

Hahaha, 'When I let some monsters attack him', I created a mental image of you scheming against a helpless user, a 999Lv monserts vs a 10lvl character like scenario XD

Anyway, why'd you use 1 byte to store health points... and, why signed values ?_? interesting story.
2008-11-04 04:25:00

That's why I usually avoid micro-optimizing size of variables (unless you are really limited like in a NDS)... it usually comes back and bites you in the ass! :D
Julio Gorg&eacut
2008-11-04 18:06:00

doesnt flash (or was it java) not have unsigned values. Hahah this is the downfall of those languages i tell you
2008-11-08 19:14:00

ActionScript 3 has uint.
2008-11-09 13:38:00

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