Unusual Bug Report

Posted on:October 06 2008

Last week I received quite an unusual bug report for irrKlang, the audio library I wrote. It started like this:

subject: My voice in irrklangI was checking out irrKlang for use in a project I'm working on [...]

OK, looks like this is about a bug with the audio recording functionality. Let's read on.

[...] I ran the CSharp.01.HelloWorld.exe program and was disoriented when my voice started to play [...] Eventually I realized it was [the music file included in the SDK named] "getout.ogg"

Woha. Wait. What? He hasn't been using anything of the engine yet, and only started the HelloWorld example which simply plays an example ogg file, but was hearing himself singing?! WTF.

It turned out that the bug reporter is the singer/musican known as bradsucks and that the irrKlang example in the SDK is using one of his songs as example audio file which has been remixed and published under a CC license by someone else. :)

So this was quite a funny surprise for him as well as for me. :) Brad is writing about the development of his audio player software on his blog, btw.


2008-10-06 17:59:00

Brad Sucks is pretty good. Funny story.
2008-10-07 04:57:00

this is funny indeed. LOL
2008-10-07 07:47:00

funny indeed, but the thing is I'm using audiere with irrlicht :(
The Onslaught
2008-10-08 23:18:00

hehe, I know my comment is late, but it's still funny :)
2008-10-17 15:04:00

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