Subversion files left in Drakensang Demo

Posted on:August 17 2008

Looks like Radon Labs uses subversion for game development. How do I know? They just released their Drakensang game, and it looks like they've forgot to clean up some files in the Demo of that game:

Yep, not only the directories are there but even the 'entries', 'format' etc files. But nothing critical.


@ niko, What do u think of putting moral choices in Darkness Springs like that featured in The Witcher or Bioshock, like sacrificing a old friend for great powerful kingdom, and say sacrificing a friend has added penalty of humanity loss but increases intelligence and decreases wisdom, while getting the kingdom gives power but makes bad reputation in heroes guild, or tilts toward dark side. Killing the friend makes her angry wife more happy as she is now free and getting the kingdom gives new good friends. There is no limit to graying the choices and complicating the equation if we want. What do u think?

Drakensang: The dark eye cost 2.5 million euro is looking like a good game. I will certainly play this one if I get this one. I read that drakensang is very famous RPG in Germany.
I already like Gothic and Sacred series.
Does Germany has good RPG market?
2008-08-17 11:31:00

maybe someone should tell them about "svn export"... ;)
2008-08-17 12:51:00

exactly :P
2008-08-17 14:28:00

"I already like Gothic and Sacred series.
Does Germany has good RPG market?"

I think Germany just has a good PC-market, not particularly RPGs. But im not sure. I heard they really like hardcore RPGs in Poland and Russia.
2008-08-18 12:04:00

Russia? Starcraft. >-D
2008-08-18 17:38:00

Counting the top quality AAA titles from Germany, barring Far cry and Crysis, there are mainly very good RPG's. For ex. I like Sacred far more then Diablo, though people keep calling it under rated Diablo clone, well then Crysis and Timeshift are HalfLife2 clones anyway.
Though Oblivion is better then Gothic3, I like both of them.
I never heard much about Russian - Alpha Prime, Stalker and polish - The Witcher -- RPG markets.
2008-08-18 18:08:00

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