Simpsons Quake 3 Map

Posted on:August 01 2008

Incredible detailed Quake 3 map:

IMO very impressive what detail work the author did. Even palms on the top of the Quick-ee-mart :)


It looks really nice O_O
got more information on this project?
2008-08-01 18:58:00

Oh lol, nvm haha.
2008-08-01 19:00:00

Unbelievable O.o
2008-08-01 20:12:00

in related news, i have irrlicht compiled for the neo freerunner from openmoko
2008-08-01 23:59:00

Woah... this makes me want to play Q3 :)
I guess I have to upgrade from Q2 at some point.
The Q2 gameplay still feels more natural to me somehow...
2008-08-02 04:42:00
2008-08-02 10:54:00

@Gothic, Really gamepaly of Quake 2 is mor enatural. The game play of quake 3 is incredibly fast. Depends if u like it. Be sure to try Unreal tournament 2004 also, it is very well balanced and has good sniper rifle combat too, not mention unending mods. I downloaded Crysis guy for Ut2004 today. It is amazing how much this game is supported alongside Quake 3 still today by fans. Hopefuly epic release some Ut 2009 with loads of maps and color space improvements. I will like it very much. UT 3 lags in satisfaction, though a good game when patched to version 1.2.
Dont forget to patch Crysis to 1.2 as it has rendering speed improvemnts and better weapon balancing - though weapon balancing is still not very good ubless u take only headshots.
Game play of Half-Life 2 is definetly most natural, anyway.
Not to mention Quake 2 is single - player story game, and Quake 3 and UT2004 are primarily Deathmatch with bots or multiplayer.
For story games Quake 4 is satisfactory, Half-Life 1, and Half - Life 2 are awesome, Crysis is also entertaining. Call of Duty 4 and gears of war is amazing fun. Some people like Bioshock aslo very much.
@def, nice map in the link.

This video is nice, It is amzingly detailed but where can I download this simpson map.
2008-08-02 13:43:00

Oops ... empty post ;)

this map look really nice, I think I'll have to re-install Q3 at some time.
2008-08-06 07:56:00

@ Brainsaw, I Keep Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, 3, Star Wars - Battlefront 1, 2 always.
2008-08-06 17:17:00

@kinel, Quake2 is not single-player only though. All I ever used it for is multiplayer... It just doesn't use a centralized server which lists all servers on the internet, but there is plenty of third-party services that provide that, like gamespy, or websites that list q2 server ip's.
I did like UT GOTY, but I never tried 2004. I don't think my computer could handle it, and especially not Crysis. I always did prefer the Q2 gameplay over Q3, maybe indeed because it feels more natural as you say.. AlienArena and nexuiz are 2 other nice FPS games in which I liked the gameplay.
I wonder if this simpsons BSP could be used in those games with Q3-based engines.
2008-08-07 05:21:00

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