Unexpected Massacre Use of Realm Architect

Posted on:July 17 2008

Realm Architect, the editor of the rpg Darkness Springs is now public for one week, and people really use it. That's very nice. But interestingly, about 70% of all people simply use it to set up big massacre scenes which immediately start when the game begins:

That's strange, but well.. why not. :) Those realms usually get rated down quite quickly and there are already some few realms with more interesting content. Looking forward to more :)


Hehe, thats exactly what I used the Editor of Age of Empires I and II for. Seems to be quite common ^^
2008-07-17 18:39:00

Now you know the secret of Serious Sam game series
2008-07-17 18:56:00

he he, nothing strange, people love massive atack, wait for me, I plan to test irrlicht soon. I want to push into engine 300 quake animated models,(each model with 1000 polys and 300 frames, and I want to see how irllich render in real time
with D3D9 in 1024X768, and if something dont work like I expect I will say you "thanks niko, as usually" ;)
2008-07-18 03:05:00

well, just for the record, I`m here, now is friday, 16:54AM, and nothing to say, nothing to comment...:) niko, I must to ask you something... please, shortly, what is you`re terain, I know is not the mesh, but I dont know what is it, how you call this object? I need name...
if I replace terain with mesh, is collision work or must be coded again with new code? are you implement mesh smooth render options into the core of engine for animated meshes and characters?
thanks ;)
(part "as usually" coming later in next post if you say like always "sorry, this options not implemented jet):)
2008-07-18 18:56:00

KOTOR MMO confirmed
2008-07-18 19:40:00

Maybe it's because the editor is a mess (at least it was in the last version I tested, see also my Irrland quest: http://www.darkness-springs.eu/usermaps.php?realmid=22 ). One can't even distinguish one button from another. But, no offense, I admire your work.
2008-08-02 21:36:00

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