Max Payne Movie Trailer - Nice

Posted on:July 11 2008

The just released Max Payne Movie Trailer looks quite nice, in my opinion. In contrast to most previous screen adaptions of computer games like Doom, Wing Commander, Tomb Raider, Mario Bros etc, this trailer really reminds me on the game and even makes me want to play it again :)
And I hope those flying Angel things in that trailer are just imagination or similar..


The HitMan adaptation sucked as well.
2008-07-11 23:05:00

Hitman was not bad. Better than every Uwe Boll (well movie is not the right word. You know what I mean).

And about the angel thing: I think (or better hope) that this is just some sort of special effect for the trailer. Angles don't fit that well into a Max Payne story ;)
2008-07-12 13:31:00

The trailer does look pretty darn nice!

I'm fairly certain that the monster/angel things are from a dream sequence. The game's dream levels probably don't translate into film very well
2008-07-12 19:19:00

If memory serves me well, Max Payne made alot of references to angels, even though they weren't part of the gameplay.
2008-07-13 23:06:00

When Max Payne came out everybody compared it with a movie experience and now people compare movies to game. Actually they are different mediums and really game <-> movie <-> books, does not work always. And for Uwe Boll atlead Dungeon Siege in the name of king was funny if not serious and to the point. I enjoyed it actually. Mainly the scene in whic Jason Statham kills lots of baddies. It was funny.
2008-07-14 14:26:00

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