Darkness Springs: Realm Architect now Beta

Posted on:July 10 2008

Darkness Springs: Realm Architect is the name for the role playing game's game editor, which is now available for public use.

In short, everybody can create own role playing realms with own quests, maps and stories with it, and make them available to everyone with one click, because Darkness Springs is running directly in the browser.
There is a detailed editor manual available if you are interested. And some people already started playing around with the editor, obviously. :)


Very cool. But must resist the urge to try it out now... got no time.. must resist...

Well, I'll check it out on the weekend :-)
2008-07-10 19:18:00

It is amazing. Love this editor. More levels for DS. love it. I love playing with editors.
2008-07-10 20:18:00

thanks, niko. I play you`re game shortly, and I try to play when I`m disconnected :) and game works.:)
and then I try to start game again when I`m offline but is not possible to play because Explorer crash because Add-Ins.:(
the first thing I`m looking for when I found new game is what I can change and does game have editor.

game is not bored, an RPG game can`t be bored, but game deserve better graphic, obviously.
how much time you need to develop something similar for Irrlich?
maybe is not bad idea to start another commercial version of Irrlich specialy designed for RPG or RTS games, something like Dark Age Of Camelot? ;)
You can`t nothing to lose, just blessed hours of good work...:)

Just imagine headline: Darkness Springs 2 - Resureection.;)

Es ist grosser Vorteil, fremde Sprachen zu kennen.
Wenn man alles wuBte, ware man bald reich...;)

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2008-07-10 21:46:00

Irrlicht can already be used for RGP or RTS games. No one forces you to use the First-Person-Camera.
2008-07-10 22:29:00

The "Adventure" map is funny :)
2008-07-11 01:16:00

well, I dont have intentions to make game alone (this is lot of work and team job, and every step must be carefuly planned).:)
I just planning to use Irrlicht in future for architectural visualizations. For now...
And I dont know how to change code and load irr scene instead of quake level...but I try...:)I learn very fast...:)
every game editor is always preferable because give more new posibilities to player, its always fun playing with all stuff they can be changed. FPS games can be bored, this concept
to going around and shoting in everything whats move exist from the first 2d/3d games, and I believe the future belong to RPG and RTS games.People love to discover and carefuly planning and play long long before finish game...I dont agree with niko when says the people need only software and the games are something for fun only, because people love the killing free time, and is always better to play game instead other stupidity they exist
on the earth, including alcohol, drugs, wars... Game players and Game Makers can`t hurt no one...

niko, happy compiling...;)

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2008-07-11 03:19:00

@skywalker, I agree it is better to play games then other stupidity, and people need games as it is a great form of entertainment. Games have been before software and computers also. Anyway.
But I think quick FPS games are aslo liked and needed. I love them and many others also. Now I like carefully planned playing RPGs and RTSs also. But variety is the spice of life.
And I enjoy RPG and FPS equally and Hybrid RPG/FPS like stalker, deus ex also.
2008-07-11 19:52:00

@kinjel, I understand, also I love FPS, for example Hidden&Dangerous, with four soldiers and all similar games,
and I played Deus Ex, beautiful game, but Quake 4 and Unreal Tournament for example,well... everything is linear,
only one goal, shoot and survive, as faster as you can, and beautiful graphics cant help, because games is not only graphics.
I need more...:)

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2008-07-12 00:00:00

@skywalker, hi, it is very well to like the great games like Deus ex, Oblivion which are unmatched.
On the other hand I like Unreal Tournament 2004 to death, and Quake 4 also very much, and not because of graphics but gameplay. The very sme reason I will play Need for speed 7 but not recent race driver grid. Or star wars- Battlefront 1,2 instead of Battlefield 2142 which has lot better graphics.
But really people like Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 2004 because they are well - made balanced games in their GENRE.
I like Crysis suit plus open ended gamepaly too much, even if it had graphics of UT2004 I would have played it, and frankly the great graphics load of Crysis on system is a detrrent actually. Even Half-Life 2 looks great but doesnot tax the system and I am happy with graphics. That is enough, I donot like too much forced upgrading of hardware for graphics as is case with crysis. i have the hardware to run crysis but it just run, many times at 28 - 32 fps at very high even after patches. this is enough and what of Crysis 2 as crytek says it will pack more visual punch. It is ENOUGH. Amazingly the next expansion Crysis Warhead runs on below 600 dollar pc on very high in DX9, but screenshots are lower in quality than crysis as i can make.
Anyway there is market for almost all genres which are atleast famous. For example success of The Sims, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, Morrowind, Half- Life 2, Diabolo, Age of empires 2, NeverWinter Nights, KOTOR is ample example.
But that is nature of RPG. But I dont get a quick blasting game in RPG or the feel of FPS. That is why I think all major Genres will live , survice and flourish.
And for Graphics, I played Deus Ex 2 months ago and enjoyed it, Graphics come always new in next games, but gameplay surveives.
I liked SW Battlefront gameplay so much that I bought my first video card for it GF4000mx, and actually then I knew how bad intel integrated graphics were and then boght GF 6200 and then GF 8800gt. These card is great for price from nvidia.
Is there a RPG game I that one sould play as absolute must in ur opinion? I am asking as I feel I may have missed some great one.
What do you think of Vampire bloodlines, redemption was great.
2008-07-13 18:49:00

For RPG I can only recommend trying Gothic. 1 and 2 were great. 3 is a bit buggy and doesn't run with good framerates on my machine.
2008-07-13 19:00:00

@Sylence, thanks for the name. I am still playing Gothic 2, with night of raven expansion pack, it is very immersive game. I like it so much. I cant get gothic 1. As much as I like Gothic 3 aslo and can play it on high framerate, that much the game is buggy, even with game ruining, showstopper bugs. But still it was laso a good experience in spite of crashes. presently I stopped Gothic 3 and started Gothic 2. It is great game. Oh I wish I could get a copy of Morrowind as people say it is more freeform then oblivion. And what about recent news taht Fallout 3 will have 500 different endings, and Fable 2 also looks interesting.
2008-07-13 19:35:00

@kinjel, hi, diferent people loves diferent games, it`s normal.some people love to play against other people, some people love to play against computer... some people love to shoot only(like in real life), and some people love to carefuly planning for every next step searching best tactics, and this is always big chalenge, how to...? I always turn HARDEST and I play
on HARDEST only because I want to see what AI(artificial inteligence) can do in game.
Thanks for recomandation, I didnt try Vampire bloodlines, but I want.
This days I love RTS games with airplanes and helicopters with projectiles, with resourcing resources etc...civilizations:)
I plan to buy soon heroes of might&magic: dark mesiah"(i love this serial), and Age of empires 3, if you played please tell me what you think about this games?

I remember when I found "Empire Earth" I just say `wow, is really hard to survive` against four or more enemies...But I win.:)But some thinks sometimes can be very stupid, for example every time when somebody atack my units voice say very loudly "YOU ARE UNDER ATACK",and after couple hours of playing this begin to disturb, and I dont know how to OF this voice.

And Age of empires2 (mision pack: The art of supremacy) have beautiful engine, rain, snow, but is not like Empire Earth...On my opinion, game have many unnesesary thinks...But airplanes are beautiful...:) And nuclear weapon.:) Now you give me a list what I must try soon.;)Crysis, Neverwinter Nights,gothic...:)
I dont like when I must buy new graphic card for playing, actually I have radeon 9600 128,and maybe next month I will buy new pentium quadro core (I HAVE DUAL CORE now) and some new NVIDIA card for my Max, it`s time for the show.:)
I think the good game is game when you wish to back again and play again after you finish because you not explore all aspects in game...
And yes, I love Soldier of Fortune, Max Payne, Operation Flashpoint, Medal of Honor: AA , Icewind Dale and Warcraft.:)

And I`m still waiting for Duke Nukem Forever.:)
2008-07-14 01:20:00

@kinjel, I make mistake in my previous post,(my mind is broken when I must say something on english, and some names sounds very similar in my head):)
Well, I mean Empire Earth instead Age Of Empires.;)

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2008-07-14 02:17:00

@skywalker, I understood already when u said aoe2 and ee2 interchangably, I played both and all versions. Really aoe2 is far superior to ee1 or 2. ee3 has great graphics, but gameplay is similar to previous versions. on the other hand aoe3 is more action oriented with homecity bonues which make resource gathering faster. These days every RTS is making resource gathering less important. I really like that feature so still my favourite RTS is aoe2, and really its 16-bit graphics are still wonderful, i mean wood looks like wood.
As far as Quad core is good CPU I will suggest to wait fore Core 4 Quad which has individual cache for each core, core 2 quad has shared caches for 2 core which is currently available.
Performance is good, but how many applications use 4 cores, and core 2 duo is good and cheap, and core 4 quad will work great like core 2 duo. This doesnt look like right time to upgrade, also wait for festive season of ur country as prices drop at that time. I upgraded at festival and saved much, also Nvidia GeForce 8800GT and Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz is performing great with 2 GB ram, and these are cheap too and will be likely to give good value for money for next 1-2 yrs atleast. 8800GT is really great for the price. it is 2/3 of performance of 9800 GX2 almost at 1/3rd price and is enough to play Crysis, which game is going to ask more then that anyway.
I played heroes of might and magic 3 at one time and civilization 4. Unfortunately I dont enjoy turn based gameplay, though they require large amount of brain to play, I like real-time play more. anyway, so I cant tell anything more on this.
If u have not still tried plz try Supreme Commander, It is one of good RTs to come around. The only RTS I love to death and enjoy most are, Age of Empires 2, LOR Battle for Middle Earth 2, Star Wars Empire at War, Supreme Commander. All have different game-play from each other but all are good in their own accord.
RTS take much time to play also.
For role playing though Vampire Bloodlines is some Buggy, it is not showstopper and the game is great if u like vampire stuff in RPG. But as with any game u actually have to play a game to experience it. Try the demo. read wikipedia info ignoring reveiws, then think do u like to paly. That procedure works for me. Quite a times I have purchased games I dont liked but anyway. Many time s I got good games. Hellgate London is good but not great.
Diabolo 3 is coming if u are interested, though I liked Sacred more.
I completely lost the world I lived in while playing SW KOTOR and NeverWinter Nights 1.
Recently Oblivion was great and Gothic 2 is amazing. I liked Gothic 3 also though. I am hoping for some patch of it. I want to try Morrowind.
SW Kotor 2 is also good though I have to complete it.
For FPS I hope u liked Half-Life 1,2 it is interseting game with good gameplay. I play multiplayer as I like Quick Competions, at its base it is nothing more then socer or another team oer solo sport where we compete. Though here only aim matters. It is funny. Not to mention UT204 has good levels with awesome music and very balanced gameplay. Touch it and it loses its magic just was case with UT3.
And for Crysis if not whole game is good, then there are many specific sections of game that are amazing to paly and repaly, like getting archaeologist from school in second level. It really felt like open ended gameplay with loads of choices. Game is linear at end though.
In recent coming I will like Fallout 3 and Fable 2.
I tried many RPGs , I love them. But I regained interst in FPS also.
I will send u a list in email as it will take some time to carefully think for good games.
Benefit of a quad core CPU may be in Rendering with maya or 3D amx for non - real time renderings.
If u are planning to paly games it is wise to invest in an Nvidia card which gives great value for money. They are cheap and good. I think 8800GT is excellent for what it gives in Graphics performance. Dont forget ram it matters much.
I am thinking of getting a 6-bit Windows Vista as it allows more then 4 GB ram and will get 64 bit apps for it in future till Windows 7.
Enjoy playing games, there is one life and it is meant to enjoy our life without hurting anyone. The only thing is keep away from worries.
2008-07-14 14:15:00

@niko, The documentation with DS editor is great and easy. It is so nice editor, and most of all easy to use.
2008-07-14 14:20:00

@kinjel, thanks, I save you`re post in txt format, and I will check all stuff you give me.
I need quadro for my 3ds max mental ray render, I need speed, and four little boxes on the picture when max render,I work on large outdoor scenes and max became unstable if scene has more than 500mb.:)
And I cant optimise nothing, this is not low modeling.
I played alredy age of mitology and I like it, and aoe3 also, but imagine, on hardest, if I crash town center twice to my enemies no more tries to building again? and then is easy to win.:)

keep the good shooting:)

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2008-07-15 05:10:00

@skywalker, I can win aoe2 on harder setting but not on hardest. The campaign ofSaladin, and mainly last level in it is TOUGHEST even in easy. It takes more time to win as dificulty increases. For non real-time rendering a Quad Core processor is far better if u use commercial package like 3ds max. Though I find Maya 8.5 lot better. Also pov ray is also amzing but pov ray 3.7 will have multicor erendering, and it does nt have tolset like maya. Also blender is free and amazing and Yaf-Ray is also good with blender. But a graphics card speeds up hardware rendering for major background parts of the scene, and GeForce 8800 is good at that also. Other then that yoyu will sure notice the difference in visual uality and smooth framerates in games. A good video card is really great thing. Radeon 9600 was also amzing in its top day. I am working on list, it will take 3-4 days, since I dont want to miss important game and I add as I remember and decide, I myself ahve over 200 games on PC. So it takes time. I live for playing games and writing my fantasy novels really, hee hee. I will email u the list soon.
2008-07-15 20:08:00

@kinjel, thanks, recorded like always, try better, try harder, try again...:)

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2008-07-16 02:29:00

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