Posted on:July 08 2008

Ok, I admit: I don't quite understand the world of today anymore. Maybe I'm getting too old? This time: Data protection officers. It is interesting that the government is saying it is upset and shocked that now nearly every website is using Google Analytics which puts Google into the position of being able to track the habits of nearly every individual surfing the web. But at the same time, the same governments are passing laws which put themselves into the same position or even worse: They are going to track every kind of electronic communication, not just web surfing.
Sounds quite schizophrenic to me.


Me too am Schizophrenic. Only goernment does right what it does wrong. when others do it, it is wrong somehow. amazing.
It is growing increasingly difficult to understand this world and its pawns.
2008-07-08 20:19:00

off topic but FIND IT VERY INTERESTING that in your logo IRRKlang points to the garbage can. I am sure it is a good library just funny
2008-07-08 20:25:00

It's in fact very easy to understand...

A government's business is to govern, to control. They will do all they can to keep that control. Enemy #1 = the people it governs, since they are the ones that can take the government's power away.

There has never been a true democratic government, and the reason is very simple. When you really look at it, the two words contradict.

To govern = to rule (over the citizens, subjects, whatever)
Democracy = the people in control (- from greek, demos (the people) kratie [power, to rule])

'the (common) people in control' and Government just doesn't mix.

Things are not that much different from the dark ages or any time before in history, in the sense that there's an elite, and there's the common masses.

We humans like to be all smug and pretend to be civilized, but I think we have a long way to go yet.

It's plain simple human nature at work. Power corrupts. There was (some) fail-safe's in place, in for example the US constitution, when it was initially created, because the people (and the 'founding fathers') were aware of that. - What they didn't predict is that these type of fail-safe's age, and get obsoleted by time as politicians find back-doors and invent new laws to suit their power hungry needs.

The situation gets a lot worse when the bulk of the masses has been brainwashed by television into letting them get away with anything, and this is something that is happening in many countries all over the world now.
2008-07-08 21:07:00

Maybe, but just maybe, the better word for these is PARANOIC :)
No matter in what country you live or what job you doing, the troubles is always same.Same madness everywhere:)
Who want to know everything? Who? And what is "everything"?:)
I don`t know, the true is out there,:)
I only know this: my alpha transparency channel for trees in irredit is not OK, something is wrong, and x exporter can`t export animations, and I don`t know why,:)so now I must wait for niko and one god exporter for 3ds max to make some testing, and exporter must be capable to export skeletal animations plus morphing animations both if exist,and separately of course, and static meshes...:)
Maybe in Irrlicht 1.6.1, who knows...?:)
Irrlicht Begins.:)

Now Playing: Bon Jovi - (You Want To) Make A Memory.mp3 :)
2008-07-08 23:11:00

I think we are missing an important point here: Google is a company, ergo its primary objective is to make money. The theoretical purpose of a government is to take care of its citizens.

The problem is that humankind is corruptible. While the objective of a company can be compatible with the individual's one (the more money I make for my company, the more money I'm likely to get) it is not the same with the government (the better situation I provide to my fellows, the more money I get.. errr... actually I could do more I'd... )

If it wasn't because of that tiny, little, almost imperceptible detail, complete control in a gov's hand wouldn't be that bad. It is though. But in no case, control on a company could be good.

By the way, what is that law that you say would put the gov in the position of doing this? (if you have a nongerman link, would be great).
2008-07-09 01:09:00

Err... does that Data protection officer agree with whatthe government is doing?
2008-07-09 12:53:00

never heard that they would disagree
2008-07-09 19:16:00

In germany he does but it doesn't help much - hes not part of the government here but just an "officer".
I think the whole EU is just used at the moment to give the european governments more control over their citizens. Maybe that is one of the reasons ireland said no to the EU "constitution"?
2008-07-09 23:56:00

I disagree with Gothi[c], a government's job is not to control but to serve the people.
The idea that a government is supposed to control is a dangerous one, the more people that subscribe to this idea then the sooner that bright, cold day in April when the clocks are striking thirteen will become a reality. Ideas change the world
2008-07-10 05:05:00

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