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Posted on:June 29 2005

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You can forget Crystal Space and OGRE with their steep learning curves and their LGPL licenses, Irrlicht is by far the BEST 3D engine EVER! It has all the up-to-date features such as those in CS and OGRE and then some! You don't havto convert your 3D models into CS or OGRE format, Irrlicht supports just about all the major formats! Man, you just have to take a look at the features. Also this engine is LIGHTNING FAST! I think the real reason for this is it's clean, organised, and small code, which compiles into ONE .dll file with a SMALL file size! You WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, but using the latest version of Dev-C++, and the latest Irrlicht SDK (0.10.0), I compiled the source code without ANY ERRORS WHATSOEVER! I just extracted the source, opened up the dev project file, and compiled, and BOOM! Its seriously that easy, check it out yourself! I can go on blabbering about how great it is. Even if you are a beginner C++ programmer (as in you are able to write and compile code) you can learn this FAST! I think this is enough blabbering. Please, do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Not to mention its i-dont-care-what-you-do-with-the-code license, you can just about do anything you want with it! Dont be bummed by the crappy models and levels (low poly count) in the SDK, Niko only did this to reduce the size of the SDK download. Take your own High-Poly models and levels and run it in the engine and see for yourself the DOOM-3-QUALITY! As in, take DOOM 3 models and levels, and use them in Irrlicht and see the SAME RESULTS, BUT FOR 100% FREE! w00t! Ok ill be done now.. :D

Hehe, thanks for that nice review. :)


now that guy must be loving you :D
2005-06-29 15:02:00

Sorry but Doom 3 quality? I don't think so...
2005-06-30 06:01:00

You can do Doom 3 quality! Here is the code:


using namespace irr;
using namespace core;
using namespace scene;
using namespace video;
using namespace io;
using namespace gui;

#pragma comment(lib, "Irrlicht.lib")

int main()

IrrlichtDevice *device =
createDevice(EDT_SOFTWARE, dimension2d(640, 480), 16,
false, false, false, 0);

device->setWindowCaption(L"Doom 4");


// Draw black
driver->beginScene(true, true, SColor(0,0,0,0));


return 0;
2005-06-30 14:24:00

2005-06-30 19:51:00

Stop haxing :::

doom3 quality is kind've not true though :)
2005-07-01 17:09:00

I think Irrlicht won't have Problems with DoomIII optic.
But you have to find a big team that creates the Models, Levels, Loaders, Shaders and so on.
Armin Ronacher
2005-07-01 21:08:00

My question is how well it holds up against UnrealEngine3 and whether or not you can include stuff from nVidia's Cg libraries.
2005-07-01 21:44:00

If you convert CG to HLSL which should not be that complicated, it should be quite simple.
2005-07-01 22:56:00

In short, Irrlicht will never be Unreal3 or Doom3 quality without a pretty drastic rewrite. It's too slow, doesn't have a lot of the features of those games, and frankly, just isn't up to quality with them
2005-07-02 17:07:00

Too slow ?!
Can't you read what the post says ? : "Also this engine is LIGHTNING FAST!"
BTW Robo what engine you are using? Ogre?
Heh it's even slower than Irrlicht...
2005-07-03 09:53:00

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