How to defend against those CEO advertisers

Posted on:July 04 2008

If you have an average popular blog, you will start receiveing mails where people will offer you money to link their website and product. And if you don't want to sell links on your blog it is quite difficult to get rid of these people because they are really insistent. Ignoring the mails won't help (they will resend them), answering in a polite way like 'No sorry, I don't do that' won't help and insulting them doesn't help either I've been told (although I haven't tried yet). Telling them that they could use google adsense to advertise on won't help as well, because adsense is JavaScript based and they usually only want to lift their page rank.

But recently, I read an article where somebody found a quite simple way out: Accepting the offer, but demanding an above-average amount of money. My result:

Have you gone crazy?..2000$ per month..Not intersted

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That link, for six months, on every page of the blog at, would be 6000 euro.
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Yay :)


Good one! :-) Will keep this in mind for my own website..
2008-07-04 10:57:00

Wait, am I the only one that sees the mistake?
Last time I checked 6000/6 = 1000, not 2000.
Also "intersted" doesn't really help to see the mailing person as very intelligent ;)
2008-07-04 12:40:00

a big problem is also that 1000$ is not 1000€ at all anymore. Its now more like 600 euro. :)
2008-07-04 13:01:00

I would gladly accept 600 € / month for linking to some site *g*
2008-07-05 15:02:00

I like it!

I recently got spam asking about putting ads on, I replied telling them that SF policy doesn't allow ads at all.

These are the people who destroyed the web during the dot-com boom and should be showed no sympathy at all. The reason everyone uses Google today is because SEO companies ruined all the other search engines. Linking to them must be bad for your Pagerank, these companies are sworn enemies of all search engines.
2008-07-06 04:01:00

That's really funny! I enjoyed the email screenshot. That's the way to do it.
2008-07-12 18:38:00

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