Irrlicht at QuoVadis 2008

Posted on:May 29 2008

The QuoVadis is a german game developers conference. If you where there, you have been able to watch a presentation of an Irrlicht related project there: Here is a short youtube video of it.
If I'm not mistaken [people just sent me the link, an there is no further information to be found ;)], it's Christophe Leske presenting his Irrlicht based Adobe Shockwave (Director 3D) 3D Engine - basically this could be described as 'Irrlicht for Flash' or 'Irrlicht in the Browser'. Very nice project.


Interesting project. Flash 10 also adds some 3D capabilities:
But probably nowhere near as much as irrlicht

Lools like you can port DS to irrlicht for flash soon ;-)
2008-05-29 21:38:00

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