UFOs on google maps

Posted on:June 26 2005

I can see my house from inside where I am writing this (of course), but thanks to the recent updates of google maps, I can see my house from space at the same time. Kewl.
There are really some interesting things to see on these maps. But the most weired things are the UFOs, or whatever they are. For example here. Or here. They are discussing this on google sightseeing.


According to Occam's Razor, these "UFOs" are put into the photo material to censor something. I already showed some time ago that this is common practice in the US: http://synflood.at/blog/archives/2005:03:14/world-wind-censorship
2005-06-26 14:15:00

This is near my house - http://maps.google.com/maps?q=vienna,+austria&spn=0.157585,0.187111&t=k&hl=en

Actually,my old house is visible if you zoom all the way in.

This is a great spot - http://maps.google.com/maps?q=the+arch,+st.+louis&ll=38.625472,-90.188843&spn=0.008240,0.010622&t=k&hl=en

You can see the baseball stadium and the Gateway Arch. The big brown river is the Mississippi.
2005-06-28 04:18:00

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