I want my internet back

Posted on:May 13 2008

Oh, the good old days. When you were able to surf the internet for information, music, p0rn, whatever you liked. Where you were able to create websites with blinking graphics and write emails with any content you liked. And everything without the fear of being sued or arrested for this. Without the need to think twice before every sentence you wrote. Without the fear of having your apartment searched by the police just because you clicked a wrong link. Without the need to use Tor, PGP, Truecrypt and other tools just to feel a little bit better.
Sometimes I want the old internet back.


I quite agree.

Still, don't you want to let us in on why you had that thought, niko? :)
2008-05-13 17:37:00

who doesn't miss that?
2008-05-14 00:50:00

Agreed. I think they've gone overboard and we haven't seen any successful results to justify them doing it in the first place.
2008-05-14 20:55:00

I think we are lucky here in Mexico.

The internet over here is like what you described.
Lobo tuerto
2008-05-15 01:23:00

Even though it used to be nice people could use it in a way todays is so hard. I liked the old days but I like today better. Much safer, in security and content.

With great power comes great responsibility. ^_^
2008-05-15 02:22:00

Albeit searching for pr0n is unlikely to cause any trouble (except with the girlfriend maybe...) since it keeps you nicely sedated, and sedated crowds happily (or rather uncaringly) accept...
2008-05-15 12:04:00

@golem: just some thoughts, there was no trigger :)
xaos: Hm, I don't think surfing for pr0n is still harmless, for example the possession of child porn (=in your browser cache == possession) is illegal, and who knows where the link goes where you are clicking next?
2008-05-15 12:47:00

in this respect it was never harmless, even back in the "good old days"...
2008-05-15 14:09:00

got me thinking somewhat: apparently violation of laws is not really prosecuted until some critical mass is reached, so "back then" there were just too few people doing something illegal so it would be "profitable" to go after them, and, well, now there are. is kind of like if just less people would hit pedestrians crossing the road with their car then there would be no point in going after them. this strikes me as odd.
2008-05-15 14:17:00

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