No software patents!

Posted on:June 26 2005 now takes part at this web demo, so if you type there is a new entry page. Maybe I should do this with too.


Personally i highly appreciate your effort to fight with software patents in EU and i think you have enough power to make noise and bring attention to this problem.

"Maybe I should do this with too."
Yes, and there are probably a lot more ways , like asking users to do the same with their sites, printing an warning messages from the console when irrlicht starts, adding a new demo/sample to the SDK with a cool paralax mapped room textured with "SOFTWARE PATENTS FREE EU !!" textures, fairies wearing T-shirts with "NO software patents !"(similar to tiny.x which is wearing "Microfost" T-shirt) etc..etc..The web is full with such textures and sites(even a 'PrintScreen' would do) so it wont be much of a problem i think.
Keep it up !.
2005-06-26 12:22:00

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