No more engrish in DS

Posted on:April 23 2008

There is a new update available of Darkness Springs, which adds some new maps, quests and finally gets rid of my broken english ;) :

A part of a quest written by myself:
I wonder where all those goblins came from exactly, I mean they were quite a few. I bet they came from the southland. Please go there and search for a goblins cave or similar. You can reach the southland from a gate in the storage cave, or from the Traor Graveyard.

The same version improved:
I fear that if I cannot find out where those ghastly goblins came from, they may invade our city yet again and the storage catacombs shall never be safe. Their nest must be destroyed before I can feel calm again! Now, I have a suspicion that they came from the Southland. Please, go there and search for a goblins cave or something similar. You can reach the Southland from a gate in the storage catacombs, or from the Traor graveyard.

I think that's really a huge difference in quality. :) About 95% of all texts in the game have been overworked in this way, and I know this was a lot of work. It is a role playing game after all, and I think only text adventures contain more text. A lot of thanks go to the anonymous 'translator'! :)

The Darkness Springs server will be taken down tomorrow for some hours for maintenance by the way, so don't be surprised if the website might look a bit strange for a short amount of time.

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