DS Beta more successful than I thought so far

Posted on:April 11 2008

Wow, I'm quite surprised by the overwhelming amount of (fortunately mostly positive) feedback I am receiveing since the release of the Darkness Springs Beta two days ago. And most of the mails and reports I get are very useful and constructive. I think I knew why I only announced the game on this blog where the readers are roughly 90% software developers themselves :)
And because of all this feedback, there is already an updated version available: I added four additional new quests, the 'southland' map has been unlocked now, magic projectile handling is improved and more precise now, there is now a 'darkness springs main quest' and lots of other minor tweaks and bug fixes.


I cant wait to try the additions. Cool.
2008-04-11 18:00:00

Why cant i hold down the mousebutton to walk? Is that a bug?
2008-04-11 18:14:00

its a feature
2008-04-11 22:35:00

it sucks
2008-04-11 22:41:00

Happy with mainquest :-) I better not to try to psychoanalyse why I have to kill Irrlights in it - hehe.

I just checked the requirements and that explains why it doesn't run smooth here :-( I have only 512 MB memory.
2008-04-12 09:31:00

damn, if only I liked RPGs. But technically it's nice, I can play a little while just for that reason :)
2008-04-12 19:23:00


Thats what we call in the business "WAD", which stands for "Working As Designed", which means its a wad of crap.
Blue Girl
2008-04-12 23:40:00

Nice game. Pretty amazing for something that uses flash. Some immediate comments (Some of these may already be mentioned.):

- Alot of people seem to find the walking speed too slow. Even if the game runs too slow on the clients computer cant the walking speed be made frame-independant? (I am not sure how feasable it is to do this in Flex though.)

- I don't like it how the entire screen jumps up when a dialogue appears, it is very disorienting, I think that the screen should stay in the same place.

- Keyboard movement, walking while mouse is held down, and also attacking continously after one click like CuteAlien mentioned would be nice.

- You are changing the lighting intensity for the tiles while walking around quite frequantly, but only on/off for things like trees. I don't think it will impact the performance much to change the light intensity for single objects like trees if you are already doing it per-tile.

Cheers, and I hope everyones comments continue to make this an even better game. :)
2008-04-14 07:22:00

Some more comments:
- The gates are usually incorrectly drawn in front of the player.
- It would be nice if shield appears on player when equipped, or axe instead of sword, but you probably already know this.
2008-04-14 07:32:00

thanks for the feedback again.
some of the problems (like slowness on some systems, amount of light intensities) are caused because of my struggling against the limitations of flash (speed, memory usage), but I will try to improve it further again.
2008-04-14 17:15:00

text is still not rendering for me...
2008-04-17 17:31:00

yes, seems to be a bug in some linux versions of the flash player, IMO. Try to update to a newer flash player, browser or similar.
2008-04-18 10:01:00

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