Self-praise permitted?

Posted on:April 02 2008

Recently I've been involved with another commercial game project, and I decided to implement it using irrlicht and irrklang, a process named dogfooding. Now that the project is reaching its final milestone, I think it was a very good decision: The game was written in record time and had no technical bugs at all. Sound integration was extremely easy using irrklang, and irrEdit helped me editing levels without the need to change on line of code which was a life saver. Additionally, bitplanes additions to irrlichts gui and his font tool have proven to be extremely useful.
This was one of the few times where I personally used Irrlicht again for a commercial game project and I like the library we created even more after this, and became fond of my own additions :). I don't think I will be allowed to reveal what game this actually is, but I'll ask the decision makers anyway, let's see.


It must be very rewarding. I'm glad to hear that you were successful with your work rather than disappointed.
2008-04-02 18:22:00

"Eating your own dog food" sounds so negative... our managers prefer to call it "drinking your own champagne". ;-)
2008-04-02 20:22:00

As long as it won't be called "Big Rigs 2" ... looking forward to know and see more. :D
2008-04-02 20:34:00

Great isn't it? I agree it's really nice to actually use your own software sometimes rather than just making it for others to use.
2008-04-03 10:43:00

nice one
2008-04-03 11:54:00

I agree with you. I used Irrlicht to promote one of our packs at Dexsoft. I already mentioned the use of IrrEdit in the Irrlicht forums:

It is very easy to use, very intuitive and it simply works. Shadow mapping works great.
But I would like to see normal-mapping as an option there in the next future.
2008-04-03 14:04:00

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