My first AIR application

Posted on:March 29 2008

Just out of curiosity, I just created my first Adobe AIR application. I took the Darkness Springs beta game and made it work with air:

It was a very painless process, but there are some things which are not that ideal in my opinion:
  • If you are writing a Flex application and want it to be distributed as AIR application as well as SWF on a webpage, it is a pain in the ass to use the same code base for both. Actionscript 3 really is missing a built-in preprocessor.
  • Ok, well, I can create .air applications using the AIR SDK, but as always, this requires an installed Adobe AIR runtime on the end users system. There is no way to create an .EXE instead, and I really would like to have this.
Just some first impressions. But it's a nice framework anyway.


@niko, I played Titan Quest. It is also one great isometric action RPG(though this genre is becoming rare - diablo, sacred, titan quest are the only hit ones that come to mind).
Most notably when the character moved the animation of rustling grass was very cool and God they have all kinds of grass. Too bad iron lore closed.
2008-03-30 17:43:00

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