Stopping irrlicht development.

Posted on:June 24 2005

If software patents will be allowed on 6th of July in the EU, I'm going to consider stopping the development Irrlicht and removing it from the web. I think I won't have the energy of being a target for getting sued by companies just because I am developing open source software. But I'm not sure yet, I would hate to stop developing Irrlicht because of this. (update: Yep, that's a stupid idea. Just ignore it.)
I also will join this web demo during the next few days which explains very good why I am doing this.
Would be cool if others would join.


Niko, your next post on that blog will be something like "LMAO folks, i was just kidding :D !!" , right !??
(because i do NOT think EU will manage to escape that evil...)
2005-06-24 20:03:00

You shouldn't worry about it. Irrlicht has such a small following (compared to the large commercial engines) that it doesn't give the patent holders enough reason to sue you. In fact, I doubt that any open source engine will be sued by the patent holders, its just not profitable
2005-06-25 06:24:00

yep, having slept about it, I think it was a stupid idea now. :)
2005-06-25 10:15:00

I was scared then read post name "Stopping Irrlicht development". Thanks god you don't stop to develop such cool software;).

Best regards,
2005-06-25 11:59:00

Irrlicht must continue! If such a wonderful opensource project is threatened by software patents, then the terrorism of Bin Laden and his ilk are the least of our worries...

thanks for your hard work Niko
John Haverkamp
2005-06-25 18:26:00

Actually, in the world of lawsuits, you target the small fish first for one reason: Easy wins.

This gives money in settlements to pay lawyers. Also, lawyers can then use any wins you have as evidence to support them against bigger claims.

Patents are like +3 longswords of geekslaying which is why I cover them in about 1/4 of the posts on my blog. -
2005-06-25 20:45:00

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