WTFs per minute

Posted on:March 04 2008

I like the idea of WTFs per minute. 'WTFs/m' really IS a very good measurement of code quality. Today, for example. I wrote some piece of code to read some external xml based file format, which contains ingeniousnesses like these:

<object data="px=3:py=34:kx=df:dy=236:kpGk=2:§jjb=:jjt=px=29|py=24|dx=0|ky=0| fpr=0|bjp=0|btk=0|vrp=0|pjq=-2|kjr=0|pbq=0|qk=0:jwt=px=65|py=24|kx=0|ky=0|fr=0|bjp=0|btk=0|pbq=0|qkt=0:jwb=:jqt=px=29| py=24|kx=0|ky=0|fpr=0|bjp=0|btk=0|vrp=0|pjq=-2|kjr=0|pbq=0| qkt=0:jqb=:bqfp=:bjfp=:ukTf=:" />

Great, especially if you have no idea what 'kpGk' and 'jwt' and similar is. I think the other people in the room were able to feel the fun I had by just counting the WTFs. :) But after all, this is what takes the boredom out of our job, right? And, at the end of the day, you are at least happy that you figured it out and overmastererd that beast. :)


lol, well played...

This reminds me of the javascript compression stuff its like HUH when u trying to unpack it by hand. lol only crazy ppl do that tho
2008-03-04 20:02:00

wtf are you doing dude?
no ma'am
2008-03-04 22:31:00

This code ruins your website design...
2008-03-05 12:54:00

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