Mr. Gebhardt I presume?

Posted on:February 06 2008

Issue 20 of the Game Development Magazine Dev.Mag is available now and has been named 'The I edition': For Irrlicht, IGF and Innovation. There are some articles inside about Irrlicht related topics, such as an Irrlicht tutorial, an article about H-Craft Championship, and an interview with me, which is titled 'Mr. Gebhardt I presume?' :) and was done by Sven “FuzzYspoON” Bergstrom.
It also includes some reviews of interesting games and other tutorials (such as one for Blender, maybe I should read that too.. *g*), so this 10 MB download should be not only interesting for everybody using Irrlicht. Download here.


Good stuff Niko!

Thanks for participating, appreciates it and im sure the irrlicht community will be glad to see recognition for an awesome engine!

2008-02-06 19:39:00

After years of digging through gamedev-related websites on the web I didn't even know that this magazine exists! Thanks for mentioning.

Niko, you should try getting some new promo screenshots though. There are much better ones available than those which made it into the mag.
2008-02-06 19:51:00

They featured my screenshot from 5 years ago

2008-02-07 02:08:00

HAH, yea..
I was taking some random shots, and the editor/proofer took some shots of the site!

Its acceptable, imo..
I did ask all the IRC guys and trolled the forums for a LOT of pics, and came up with little, lol.

And i agree, there is lots more thats better. Please forward me screens

fuzzyspoon at
It would be much appreciated
2008-02-07 07:17:00

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