Ugly subject, don't read.

Posted on:June 21 2005

While playing a bit with an idea I had about C++ functors, I had TV switched on and an episode of the series sex and the city was shown. I didn't realy watch it, but one part where I got it was scary: One of the bitches in s.a.t.c had sex with a guy who wasn't circumcised, and she was disgusted because of that. WTF? I was really confused. After some research I found out that in the U.S. about 60% of all males are circumcised. Wow! I didn't know that. I didn't find out how high the rate is in Europe, but I think it must be like in the United Kingdom, which is 0.41% (=nearly nobody). Strange differences between these cultures. :)


weird, i had the same reflection watching "Nip Tuck" a fews days ago and i didn't know either that us women could be disgusted because of that ! i thought it(circumcision) would be more a muslim thing...
2005-06-22 08:44:00

It's a Muslim and Jewish thing. Maybe women are suggested to not like uncircumcised men because there are so many Jews in New York? I don't know. Although American medical societies assure parents that circumcision prevents many forms of genital cancers there is no real proof.
2005-06-22 12:20:00

Being partially circumsized and having my son the same way, and not belonging to any major religion. The reason I was given is also along the lines of cleanliness, infection, and health issues like that. It's only partial so that if I do decided to become Jewish, there is still something there for that.

Back in college, one of my housemates didn't bathe for 4 months. It got so bad that he ended up getting an infection in that area and was circumsised to help stop it.

Want another interesting fact? 100% of all marriages end in death or divorce.
2005-06-22 20:18:00

Who the hell doesn't bathe for 4 months? That's just asking for problems ...
2005-06-22 21:47:00

From what I've heard, it's an attempt to complement the "hands-above-the-quilt"-teachings.
2005-06-22 23:17:00

it is a christian thing. Gods had to be circumcized on the 8th day after childbirth which turns out to be the best way to do it. It had to do with God's people being clean and unlike animals. Just FYI.

Just to let you know I am and I love it(Long story. I am sure no one wants to hear but it wasn't done when I was young and I like it alot better now :)
2005-06-23 02:17:00

Meant to say "Gods people" in the second sentance.
2005-06-23 02:18:00

The series is called "Sex _and_ the city", "Sex in the city" sounds like a swinger club's bus tour through New York.
2005-06-23 14:33:00

*lol* right. :) Shows how much I know about the series. :)
2005-06-23 16:02:00

They're putting that crap on "Sex and the City" now? (I thought it was "Sex IN the City" too.) I can't imagine being disgusted by foreskin. To me, the circumcised guys look all weird. I'm American, but the two boyfriends I've had have been un-snipped, so I've lucked out. One's English, and he's rabidly against circumcision... which makes sense becaue there's no point in circumcision really.
Josie Q
2006-04-26 23:17:00

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