Posted on:January 17 2008

When you start working very early, you get at least some very nice pictures when you look out of the window. A part of the first district of Vienna from 'above' as photographed by me this week:

Would have made a nice skybox. :)


Nice. Would have made an amazing HDR tone-mapped image.
I've been meaning to take some more sky pictures myself, I've got a steel gazing globe to take skydome pics, and instructions on how to blend 3 photos with different exposure times into one image with 3x the contrast ratio of my camera. Convert the contrast into colour via tone-mapping and you get these beautiful fantasy pictures that look almost hand painted.
The problem is I'm working away so much, so whenever I see a good slow moving sky, I'm hundreds of miles away from my photography gear :(
2008-01-17 18:54:00

lol i thought it was CG until I read the post.
2008-01-18 02:46:00

Ha! so I'm not the only one that thinks about skyboxes when admiring the sky and clouds ;)
Quaid Leckey
2008-02-07 20:52:00

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