Sun buying MySQL

Posted on:January 16 2008

Woha: Sun is buying MySQL, I didn't see this coming. I hope Sun won't screw it up :)


When Oracle tried to buy MySQL, the MySQL Guys said, that the only company that would ever have the rights for MySQL would be the COMPANY MySQL.

I guess what they meant to say was: "The offer didn't include enough $$$".
2008-01-16 17:46:00

Also I think Oracle wasn't a good fit for MySQL at all - they _use_ a lot of open source to enhance their product, but I don't see them contributing very much back. They bought SleepyCat already and that showed what can happen - an open-source product can disappear without trace and just become a faceless part of Oracle vX. Oracle would only really buy them to either kill them off, or become some minor part of their business.

IBM and Sun are pretty much the only 2 really, really big corporations who have switched to funding and supporting a lot of open source development. It's no coincidence that they're both have (or have had) heavily hardware oriented business models. IBM already has DB2 but Sun doesn't really have a decent database product. So I see it as a good fit.
2008-01-16 18:14:00

I agree with Steve. Based on past performance, I'd trust Sun not to ruin MySQL. However much they paid, they've just bought complete domination of the Internet. MySQL will now be viable option for corporate and government customers who demand support contracts from a large and respectable company, so this is great news for open source.
SAMP to become the latest corporate buzzword? More likely than you think!
2008-01-16 19:27:00

If you don't want to use MySQL, why not PostgreSQL? It's open source too, and though I have never tried it, many people say that it's much better than MySQL.
2008-01-16 22:35:00

@Steve IBM Has both DB2 and Informix with Informix being by far the fastest DB product. I would image Sun would be the best thing to happen to MySQL. I agree many companies will not go with MySQL until they get a big name behind and Sun should help considerably.
2008-01-17 00:59:00

Andy: many people say stupid things, including something like "PostgreSQL it’s much better than MySQL" :-. I bet is the same people saying "C# is better than Java". MySQL is MySQL and Postgres is Postgres. Period. But at this momment is MySQL AB the company which Sun is interested, not Postgres. Just think about that.
2008-01-17 21:47:00

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