Happy holidays & what I'm going to do in the meantime

Posted on:December 21 2007

This blog will be a bit more quiet during the next few days. Fortunately, the package with my new toy just has arrived so I can play around a bit with it during this time. I'm unfortunately a bit too stupid to create good looking humans using Maya, Max, Softimage, Blender - tried them all - , so maybe this time I will be a bit more successful. The chance is good, because my Poser 7 package includes a >400 page strong manual. And interestingly it is printed in german. Don't remember that I have chosen that language ;)
I already recieved about 100 mails from people and companies wishing me happy holidays, thanks all :) This is one of the reasons why Ambiera customers won't receive similar mails: It's unnecessary spam after all, in my opinion, altough sent with good intentions ;)
So happy holidays!


Then I'll wish you through here.
Happy Holiday!
2007-12-22 13:53:00

Try with MakeHuman(www.dedalo-3d.com), it's free and I think it will do work.
Alex Milanovic
2007-12-22 20:13:00

Wow Makehuman made a big leap forward. I tried it one or two years ago. I will test again ^^
2007-12-23 15:43:00

Oh forgot ;)

Marry christmas and a happy new year!
2007-12-23 15:44:00

I explicitly left you out from my annual Christmas mail so that you won't get unnecessary spam ;-) Merry Christmas anyways!
2007-12-24 12:23:00

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