I'm an Opera evangelist

Posted on:December 12 2007

Today I recommended my favourite browser, Opera to a new victim (co-worker). This time it was quite interesting, because I was sitting next to him while he was starting it and used it for the first time. His first reaction: "Wow, this thing really is pretty fast!". Looks like he is going to use it :)
Oh, if I would only get one Euro by Opera for each user I am able convert to their browser. :)


It's the best browser I've ever used on a Windows platform. There's only one browser I like more, and that's Konqueror, not because it's actually better, but because it also does file browsing and stuff which makes it an excellent power tool. But for browsers, I think Opera is best. :)
Jasper Van der J
2007-12-12 19:18:00

I have to say, I prefer Firefox mostly because of the support it gets, and the amount of extensions it has (which mostly stem from it's userbase). Only gripe with it in the three years I have been using it, is that I wish they would optimize and make low memory footprints.
2007-12-12 19:29:00

Yeah, I would be using Opera if it had more support from Google. Google Reader is awful to use in Opera (just look when theres a YouTube video embedded on a feed).

And I also like the look of Firefox2. But Opera is a really great browser (and the fastest one).
Miguel Herrero
2007-12-12 19:49:00

I am a devoted firefox user now, so i dont think i would shift back to opera tho.. but no doubt it is the fastest browser available... i do love to use opera on my cell phone tho, its really awesome with ultra cool effects and amazing speed...
Rapchik Programm
2007-12-12 20:29:00

some time ago I tried Opera but couldn't find something like this:
http://www.foxmarks.com/ to easily synch my bookmarks whether I'm on Linux/Windows or on another computer.
Is there such a thing for Opera?
Francisco Costa
2007-12-13 00:47:00

Where can i find Adblock Plus, Dictionary Tooltip, DownThemAll, Foxmarks, Web Developer, Firebug extensions for Opera?

Back to firefox it is.
Joseph Smith
2007-12-13 04:36:00

I too like Opera but don't use it because I rely on too many Firefox extensions. Opera stayed commercial for too long and has a lot of catching up to do in the extension dept, I feel like I have one hand tied behind my back without them. I can't live without Google Browser Sync and Web Developer at least, and there are others I would be sad to lose.
2007-12-13 10:38:00

i still think Firefox rocks :)
2007-12-13 11:07:00

I too favor Firefox over Opera, mainly for the Web Developer and Firebug extensions, but please go on converting people to Opera: One less Internet Explorer user means one more web standards compliant browser around!
2007-12-13 12:12:00


cant say this better! :)
the most important thing is to get the people away from ie.
2007-12-13 13:19:00

I'm a firefox's user too :P . I think Opera is a lil bit faster and it has a much smaller memory footprint( but hey, I have 1 GB ram, that's no prob) . But anyway, Opera is not IE .
2007-12-13 15:18:00

I prefer Firefox over Opera for a number of reasons with the biggest one being that its open source rather than closed like Opera. Also if you're concerned with speed then you need to check out Beta 1 of Firefox 3. More details are at:


With downloads at:

2007-12-13 16:31:00

I definitely prefer Firefox, if simply for the reason that I prefer Firefox's extensions. Opera definitely is the leading browser for a nifty tabbed interface, but that is about the only advantage. Firefox can offer similar Opera Tabbed browsing features anyway, using extensions such as Tab Mix Plus. Additionally, Opera doesn't appear to be supported by many major websites and companies. Firefox is it for me. :)
2007-12-14 07:20:00

Installed Opera. Couldn't log into my webmail. Uninstalled Opera. Went back to Firefox.
2007-12-27 18:06:00

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