CodeBlocks doesn't work on Vista either

Posted on:November 02 2007

Code::Blocks, my favourite IDE for developing applications using GCC under Windows doesn't work on Vista either: If you choose to download and install the default windows package (Codeblocks RC2, it's old but the only package with installer and the most common used version because of this), the compiler won't find the necessary files to compile C and C++. And if you work around this, the next thing is the linker which doesn't work. Great, to together with Visual Studio 2003 not working initially, that's now 100% of my C++ development tools not working in Vista, that's what Microsoft is calling backwards compatibility.
BTW: With a newer MinGW and one of the nightly builds of CodeBlocks, it will run and compile then at least.


you really want to download a nightly:

this 1.0RC2 is ages behind
2007-11-02 12:30:00

Yeah, I don't know what's going on with Code::Blocks, it's been WAY too long since they did a proper release. It was like they got to the edge of declaring 1.0 and then just lost their nerve. It's a great piece of software but getting to 1.0RC2 and then deciding to just pull everything apart and not do any more simple stables is not good practice, IMO.
2007-11-02 12:37:00

i tend to agree, however i never had problems with a nightly build

however, i never used code block for big projects, and i just dislike to use gcc under windows: i stick to visual c++ express under windows, and gcc under linux or osx
2007-11-02 18:17:00

i meant autotools + gcc for linux + osx
2007-11-02 18:29:00

Welcome to my world.

Hello XP and Linux, goodbye Vista!

2007-11-02 21:29:00

Code::Blocks works fine on Vista. I used it just the same as I used it before on XP with not a single issue, but I use a nightly, and not the old RC2, which is worthless.
2007-11-06 03:00:00

Although I'm not a big fan of Vista (XP is still the best Windows around IMHO, and I'm using more and more Debian Linux for development purposes), I decided to give it a try with a laptop recently acquired. Honestly I don't like it and had several issues with it over the last six months. And over Linux, Compiz is so much nicer and lighter than Aero on Vista! Code::Blocks (also my favorite IDE) had problems but by upgrading to the most recent nightly and a new MinGW it now works fine.
BTW, for Debian/Ubuntu users, there's a nice unofficial repository with the latest nightly builds available. Check
2007-11-06 20:27:00

Heh, I personally use Dev-cpp for doing C++ on windows. I like it because it is much more simple than VSC++. I think I tried Code::Blocks and didn't like it... I dunno why, maybe I should redownload it and take another look.
2007-11-07 23:27:00

The reason for not releasing a stable is that the SDK (which allows you to build plugins) has been suffering changes very frequently. When the SDK is stabilized, a stable version of CB will be on its way.
2007-11-22 23:13:00

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