Bolzplatz 2008

Posted on:October 12 2007

The german hobby game developer site developia recently featured a news article about Bolzplatz 2008 or Slamsoccer, the sucessor to Bolzplatz 2006, the game of which I own the T-Shirt. ;)
The European Championship will take place in Switzerland and Austria, where I live, and Bolzplatz 2008 will be adapted to this, of course. Very nice, I am really looking forward to this, although I am not a football fan at all.
The game is open source and based on Irrlicht via jirr, and after shortly browsing the svn, it also looks like it is using irrklang. They are currently looking for help with the project, by the way.


I laughed out loud when Bolzplatz 2006 didn't receive any award at the Dusmania. :)
the one everybod
2007-10-12 18:06:00

waaaa?u dont like football?
2007-10-13 13:25:00

Thanks for this posting :) If anybody is interested in helping us with the project, just mail to us.
2007-10-16 16:40:00

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