Posted on:June 10 2005

I just went shopping. What I bought:
  • Oracle Database
  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Effective C++ third edition
Everything for personal use. Now I need some more disk space. And money. ;)


Oracle Database - Never thought about buying that... You must really be enjoying database work. I've never had anything complex enought to warrant more than MySQL or PostGRE.
MS Visio - Use it all the time, there is some other program out there called SmartDraw or something like that.
MS Project - I have nothing big enough to have a need for it. Alienbrains management stuff has always been enough. I tried phpProjekt a long time ago but it was so un-convient to use. It made work a lot of work.
Effective C++ third edition - Never heard of that one. Is it as good as "Efficient C++"?
2005-06-10 14:41:00

Yes, I did not really need the MS Project, but I thougth 'I'm buying all this stuff, so why not an MS Project in addition?' ;)
About Effective C++: There is a quite nice slashdot summary about it:
2005-06-10 17:34:00

It must have been rather expensive ;-). I remember I bought MS project once, and it itself is not what can be called cheap for an individual
2005-06-10 23:27:00

How much did Oracle run you? I don't even wan't to think about it because I know MSSQL is like $5,000 a processor for a full version. Did you get some sort of limited or mayve a development version?
2005-06-11 22:18:00

Not that much. I bought student versions from my university, and they are very cheap.
2005-06-12 20:42:00

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