Unified Skeletal Animation, RIP IUnknown

Posted on:September 07 2007

Irrlicht is known for its huge amount of directly supported file formats, you are able to directly load and display animated B3D, Microsoft DirectX or Milkshape files for example, using just two lines of C++ code. Irrlicht does this by implementing mesh animation code for each of these file formats. Each of these implementations had shortcomings and advantages. But this has changed a bit today, hybrid just merged the SkinnedMesh-Branch into the Irrlicht svn trunk, making available the recent hard work of luke and bitplane for more Irrlicht Engine users.
I already updated my development version of irrEdit to the new code and while I was at it, I also updated irrEdit to use the just released irrKlang 1.0. I ran a few tests and everything worked as expected, very nice. I think a big 3D editor, using about 70% of all the features of a 3D engine is a very good test case. :)
I also renamed 'IUnknown', the base class of nearly all Irrlicht classes to 'IReferenceCounted' today. This change has already been done with the irrKlang release yesterday, btw. One of the reasons for the rename is that some people don't want to use Irrlicht namespaces and get name clashes once they include the file 'windows.h'. One other reason is that IReferenceCounted is more discriptive than IUnknown, of course.


That's nice. I like the new animation system very much. thanks.
2007-09-07 16:55:00

'IReferenceCounted today'? well, that's quite an unusual type name ;P
2007-09-07 17:10:00

oops, corrected :)
2007-09-07 18:48:00

Magnificent! ~Patiently waits for Irr 1.4~
2007-09-08 13:40:00

I had been seprised on SVN ;D
2007-09-11 20:02:00

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