irrKlang 1.0 released, some facts and a review about it

Posted on:September 06 2007

Finally, after 12 beta and alpha releases, irrKlang, the audio library for C++, C#, VisualBasic.NET etc. is now available for download in version 1.0. It is always nice when ones software product reaches version 1.0, and this is the case with irrKlang too of course.
The library is now stable and has a lot of features: irrKlang has been downloaded now several ten thousands of times already before it has reached this 1.0 milestone. It was tested and used by hobbists, irrlicht users, indie and 'big' game developers, and even scientists and 3d engine developers, some of them have been mentioned and linked on this blog already. It is very nice for me to see that people consider irrKlang to be very useful, and that it helps these people. Of course it is also very nice that some people even buy commercial licenses of it and that it is included in products which will be available in stores in the near future. Wow, a product using irrKlang which you can actually touch, that's cool. :)
This release of version 1.0 also brings some new features and an improved documentation (irrKlang for C++, irrKlang for C#), but also something interesting for indie developers: The pricing scheme is a big more flexible now I think, which is the result of several mail discussions with customers.
Thanks to all people using irrKlang, especially to those with all the constructive feedback, I bet we'll see an even better irrKlang with more features soon. :)


great! thumbs up! *downloading*
2007-09-06 12:51:00

Congratulations. Personal and commercial succes !!

Personally I am not a user yet because I had Audiere incorporated into my engine since before version 0.1 of Irrklang.
2007-09-06 22:01:00

nice :)
2007-09-07 03:33:00

Typo in the price list "one commecial product".
2007-09-07 21:06:00

Thanks, corrected :)
2007-09-08 15:43:00

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