Posted on:August 14 2007

PacAnd is a PacMan clone in 3D. With rockets. Created by Andrew Price, made using Irrlicht. It features dynamic lighting and very creative music and sound effects, played back by my favourite audio library. :)
It also seems to use a path finding library, but it's new to me. If anybody is interested, Andrew is willing to upload the source of the game as well.


Mmmm.. Rockets... Everybody loves rockets :)
Quaid Leckey
2007-08-15 07:45:00

Serious engine 3, does anybody have seen its screenshots. they are at -
These are some really cool graphics and the engine is touted as comparable to unreal engine 3. But it is in development until now. At one time serious sam second encounter had really great graphics. the question is when it will come out and compare to unreal where will be unreal engine(much improved).
And anyway can some body please tell how good is cryengine 2 indoor rendering. They donot have indoor screenshots of crysis. Hmmm?
Really the best game engines at the moment are Unreal 3, CryEngine 2, Source Engine, Project Offset engine and May be Id tech 5 Engine(of which not is much known.)
But anyway unreal 3 and cysis are going to be cool games to play. and somebody will tell soon that Half life 3 is again made in 4D like Pacman in 3D.
Any way I am going to play all these latest shooters and RPG ( I am fan of bioware and oblivion also) when they come out.
2007-08-16 11:18:00

for those who have been following this blog here is the link for Epic's(unreal) counter suit on Silicon Knights Article
2007-08-16 11:50:00

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