Bloodiest Irrlicht Game Ever

Posted on:July 17 2007

I think I just played the bloodiest Irrlicht and irrKlang based game ever. There are some better shots on as well. They are not pretty, but pretty gory.

Comments: a sick way.
Jonathan Snyder
2007-07-17 17:09:00

*ROFL* "People are committing suicide by throwing themselves from the castle walls! You must kill them before they hit the ground or the special kind of hell reserved for suicides will become full and EXPLODE!"
Sounds like a Christian computer game! ;-)
2007-07-17 17:10:00

23850 :-)
2007-07-17 19:16:00

gonna write "period - the game" :)
2007-07-17 20:29:00

omfg - this game is hilarious!!
2007-07-17 22:29:00

@ ak
The existence of two "kinds" of hell is not a Christian belief. At least not that of Protestantism and the vast majority of Christian denominations. Also, you don't go to hell for committing suicide.
2007-07-17 23:37:00

What the hell? People are not going to hell for a suicide? Why we don't make all collective suicide then. Why to suffer on this world? Read the fucking bible. Thou shalt not kill. Including yourself.

In Dante's comedy Inferno, people committing suicide are taking a place in 7th circle. In 9th circle is a devil itself.

Now, let's start making a game :)
2007-07-18 00:14:00

I'd just like to say that it's pretty clear that, despite todays translations of the Bible, the people who would have read it in its original form would almost definitely not have read it to say that suicide guaranteedly makes one go to hell.
2007-07-18 00:44:00

what fun! the soundtrack tops it all off wonderfully
2007-07-18 00:56:00

@Andrew: read the Bible, read the Catechism, and then you will know what Christian belief is on that subject.
2007-07-18 10:00:00

I'm gonna quote one of my favourite TV series:
"[...]You will go to a very special hell. The one they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater."
2007-07-18 13:30:00

There's nothing in the Bible that says that committing suicide will send someone to hell. Although committing suicide is wrong, it's still a forgivable sin just like any other. Also, there are no special parts of hell. That said, this game is great!
2007-07-19 00:34:00

Another thing it reminded me of is "Lemmings" :D
Jonathan Snyder
2007-07-19 16:06:00

If suicide is wrong, it can't send you to a heaven either. The point is; even if suicide is forgivable, suicide is a failure. It is an act of selfishness, among other sins.

Thou shalt not kill. It is simple, yet clear commandment. Suicide can be forgiven, but that depends on how this act will affect lives of the other people.
2007-07-19 23:17:00

"It is simple, yet clear commandment."
It's not clear at all. Not kill what? People? Animals? Plants? You can not not kill and if you tried to, you will have to starve... which means you kill yourself. ;)
2007-07-20 10:17:00

It is clear. According to bible, humans are created at the end of the world creation. Therefore, humans are most advanced living beings on this planet. The masters of this planet. Everything exists to serve to human beings. To kill animals for food is allowed, but to kill people (your own species) isn't.

Science is strongly opposing this view because it's placing people in the center of this world. According to the science, it's egocentric view on this world. As science is saying, people are the most advanced living beings simply because of the evolution which only helped people to advance more than any other species.

Which one is a true? Maybe both. Maybe creation took a place first, and then process of evolution is used to improve living beings.

I personally don't care. It is clear that human beings are the only beings which are fully aware of they existence. There is no other living being on this planet which is more aware of his existence than humans, among other capabilities which are far more advanced comparing to animals.

Therefore "Thou shalt not kill" can't be equally applied on humans and animals.
2007-07-20 12:50:00

*A boffin*: "It is clear that Boffins are the only people which are fully aware of they existence. There is no other type of person on this planet which is more aware of his existence than the Boffin, among other capabilities which are far more advanced comparing to normal people."

Let's cull stupid people! (devil)
2007-07-20 13:58:00

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