Austrian Bundestrojaner

Posted on:June 19 2007

Yipee, now also Austria starts to think about getting a Bundestrojaner (german links). That's a software trojan to be placed secretly on citizens computers to spy on them and help law enforcement agencies with their investigations.
Together with the Data Retention Directive which will cause all EU countries to store phone and internet connection data of all EU citizens soon, I think maybe it's now a good time for me to start thinking about leaving the country, before it turns into a real police state.


Come to the USA, that government malware thing would never fly here, and our censorship laws are less strict than Germany anyway...(not sure about Austria). Also, there's lots of jobs for you since you know english well, and are a great programmer. Canada is pretty cool too that way, perhaps moreso than the USA even, but I think their immigration waiting list is longer...
2007-06-20 00:48:00

Welcome to Asia. =P
2007-06-20 08:07:00

Come to Canada. The US or Australia are also very nice/suitable options. As for Canada's immigration list, I don't think it is too bad right now... I have many many friends who have chosen to move to Canada over the last 2-5 years, and they haven't encountered any problems. Your English skills would be a great asset, although I am sure you could find a job in other languages if you searched. While I understand in the need of patrolling the internet for illegal proceedings, I can't believe that ANY country would even consider, much less resolve on, inserting spyware into its citizens computers. In my mind, it compares to similar acts of the Soviet Union...
2007-06-20 09:33:00

There's only one option, and that's Switzerland. :)

To the Americans above who praised their country: Think about the CIA, NSA and all their phone and Internet tapping services. I had to smile about your statements.
2007-06-20 11:38:00

simply: Honestly I think those fears are a bit overblown, a lot of tin-hattery really. I doubt most people on this site would even be worth spying on even if they could actually spy on all of us at all. Honestly I don't think our government or any of it's agencies are that efficient and competent that they COULD do that.
2007-06-20 15:48:00

I have a better solution then emigrating to USA/Kanada. Simply use Linux/*BSD/Plan 9/ReactOS/Haiku/OpenSolaris/... . Come on Austria is a great country, it has many problems, but which country does not have any problems? And Vienna is a nice city too.
Christian Reisin
2007-06-20 21:19:00 a citizen of the US, I've been seriously thinking about leaving for friendlier climes as I watch, with increasing alarm, as this great "democracy" (ha! ha!) morphs at an increasing rate into a Fascist Police State (the draconian "Patriot" Act, suspension of Habeas Corpus, the country run by a demonic cabal of "Amerika Über Alles!" thugs, George "Über Schwanz" Bush effectively wiping his ass with the US Constitution, etc.).
But where can one find a kind and friendly country/society these days? This entire world is a pretty nasty place, no?
2007-06-26 18:41:00

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