Video of irrKlang running in irrEdit

Posted on:June 08 2007

Now that it is possible to buy irrKlang and irrEdit licenses, it's time for some marketing. ;-)
No - kidding aside - I just created a video showing irrKlang in action inside of irrEdit - possible with the next release of irrEdit, scheduled for the next week. I first uploaded the video to youtube, but then I noticed youtube seems not to support stereo sound. And mono is a bit limiting if you want to demonstrate 3D sound :) So I uploaded it to Martins server (thanks!), but you now need more bandwidth to watch it because I wasn't able to reduce it more. So here are both options: One other nice thing about it is that I am playing some random mp3 file in 3D space in that video. Most 3D sound engine implementations won't allow this because mp3 streams are usually in stereo, and stereo sound sources make not much sense in 3D. But irrKlang doesn't care, of course. It doesn't complain and just plays the stream.


Do you know what is your expected sales for this products? and good luck!
2007-06-08 10:54:00

2007-06-08 17:54:00

The video looks soo cool ;) i can wait for the next release.
I hope this time you will have the gameplugin working :D. and is it possible to have a fullscreen mode in irrEdit. (may be a standalone version or something like that ;-) )

Sorry Niko i seam to always ask for features everytime i make a comment.. :-( but you do know you are the best.. :-) when it comes to irrlicht.
2007-06-08 18:31:00

So if irrKlang doesn't care about stereo... what does it do? Does it merge the two streams together into a mono source? Or is it possible to split the left and right channels to two different locations?
2007-06-08 18:32:00

Oh, and is that Apocalyptica in the video?
2007-06-08 18:35:00

i have no fixed expectations :)
something like a 'create .exe from scene' is planned, I think this is something you meant as 'standalone version'?
@michael: yes, it simply uses just one channel. Merging would be possible too, but ignoring one channel is a bit faster. And yep, that's apocalyptica :)
2007-06-08 18:39:00

Can you at least specify which channel to ignore? (That would enable the possibility to play a stereo sound from two different locations)
Otherwise stereo songs could be missing some parts if they are only played on one channel
2007-06-10 00:06:00

Good luck with your new Company! A little hint: The irrKlang feature page says "irrKlang runs on several operation systems" which should be "operating systems" imho.
The M
2007-06-11 09:57:00

Yes Niko i meant something like that.. ;) it would be cool to have one.. esp for people who only want to use irrEdit for presentations or just making 3D scenes but are not able to code a viewer with irrLicht engine. The create.exe idea is cool. ;-) but if you had something like irrViewer that runs *.irr files in fullscreen or windowed. i think that would be easier to make. you can add options like choosing the irr file, the video driver etc...

A scene compiler option would be cool. Esp if you make the irrViewer the compile scene option would get all the required files (mesh,textures,lightmaps and sounds) and then zips them into a single file that the irrViewer can run. Hence no more having to worry about file paths.

I think the create.exe will be harder to make. but its all up to you and which idea you prefer. Any which way i will be really happy :-)
2007-06-11 11:38:00

thanks, will be corrected. Channel to be ignored is not specifyable, but I could add an option for this, sure.
2007-06-11 16:58:00

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