No, I'm not a spammer, believe me

Posted on:June 05 2007

Today I noticed that all mails I am sending from are classified as spam by a lot of recievers especially free mailers like yahoo, hotmail and gmail, independent of the subject or content of the mail. I checked several black lists and my mailserver is not listed anywhere.
I've no idea why I am considered a spammer by their spam filters. So, if you are waiting for a mail from me for some time now, just check your spam folder. :-(


Make sure that you have a valid address - some systems check this and reject mail that comes from a domain without a postmaster. It's mandatory according to mail standards, but if you removed the global forwarding for a domgin (like I do, cuts down on domain-targetted spam) you need to explicitly add a forwarder for postmaster.
2007-06-05 17:30:00

ah, thx! that's a good idea, I have one on, but forgot a postmaster address at ambiera. Let's hope it helps :)
2007-06-05 17:42:00

good to know im gonna make one at mine too
2007-06-05 22:41:00

i dont belive you btw :P
2007-06-05 23:10:00

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